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Course on Complications in Implant Dentistry- 104 CPD (CE)

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Course on Complications in Implant Dentistry

Mode of Learning: Online Class Room
Duration: 52 Sessions
Frequency: Once a Week, every Friday at 9.30 PM IST
Course Mentor: Dr Souheil Hussaini. MDS, MSc, PhD
Exclusive Licensor to grant the Implantology Privilege License ( Awarded by the Prestigious Dubai Health Authority) to practice dental implantology in Dubai, U.A.E

About the Program:
Life is full of complications. Implantology too, comprises of complications and challenges but behind every complication in implant dentistry, there lies a solution!

We bring to you a one of its kind, Internationally Accredited, Online Classroom Learning Program on Complications & its Management in Implant Dentistry for a duration of 52 Weeks
A Program where you learn the Art & Science of Implant Dentistry from Dr Souheil Hussaini who shares his experience of 27 years as an Implantologist performing more than 10,000+ cases.

What makes this course so special?

The Course has been designed by the Master, Dr Souheil Hussaini himself. The course covers methodologies and formulas that can be applied to all types of Dental Implant Cases. It also covers an array of examples and is power packed with scientific presentations, case studies and research.

Dr. Souheil Hussaini
Dr. Souheil Hussaini

What do you learn from the course?


2.Intra Oral Exam/ Bone Sounding

If needed, then check

a).Medical history
c).Periapical xray
d).Periodontal Tx


1. Evaluation
2. Anaesthesia
3. Incision
4. Elevation
5. Template
6. Osteotomy
7. Radiography
8. Angulation
9. Type & size
10. Placement
11. Scoring
12. Suture


3.Cover Screw Removal
4.Asses integ
5.Healing Screw
6.Tissue Flap


3.Tray Prep
6.Cover Screw
9.Connect ing
11.Unscrew Coping
12.Remove tray/scanning
14.Tissue Manipulation
16.Attach Analogs


1.Healing Removal
3.Tighten Abutment
4.Place Prosthesis
5.Asses Clearance
6.20-30 Ncm torque
8.Xray and 9.Photography

Past Lecture Topics:

Week 1: Structure of an Implant Case & the Art of Documenting every single procedure

Week 2: Understanding the implant size as per available bone: Activities to master approximations & accuracy while choosing dental implants

Week 3: Periimplantitis: The reason for almost 50% of implant failure

Week 4: Broken Screw: How to deal with this issue

Week 5: Enquiry Skills in Implant Cases: A must learn for all Implantologists

Week 6: Treatment Planning in Implant Cases: Understanding the Smart Way

Week 7: Facing Complications: Choosing the right key to solve your problems

Week 8: Inability to treat a patient come to you for implant placement: Understanding how to help a patient visiting you in trouble

Week 9: Different types/regimen of antibiotic therapy? Submerged versus non-submerged implants? Flapless versus conventional flapped surgery? Different insertion torques? Bone condensing versus bone drilling? Challenging vs learning session.

Week 10: Complications: Why it happens, when it happens, how it happens.

Week 11: Learning Complications from the Participants in the Classroom: From a Student in the Program to an Implantologist

Week 12:  Failures that were never expected: How to prepare yourself to face challenges

Week 13: Why the implant failed? Learning how to Observe, Compare, Classify, Sequence, Measure, make a Model, Hypothesize, Infer, Draw a Conclusion, Predict, Plan and Investigation, Communicate.

Week 14: Types of surface coating on dental implants: What you must look out for in dental implants

Week 15: A case of dental implant failure taken from publications: Understanding the reasons for the implant failure and charting out the next plan of action

Week 16: What role does the bone play in the success of an implant? Understanding and learning clinical and bio-mechanical considerations based of previous cases

Week 17: Surgeon’s instructions before and post-implant surgery. What must the patient keep in mind before the surgery day? Learning how to prepare a check-list for the patients
Week 18: What must have gone wrong??
A sequence of events that took place in an implant case. What could have possibly gone wrong?
Week 19: Screw-retained restorations in implant dentistry: Is this your choice? Is this the best choice? Why must you switch to screw-retained restorations?
Week 20: Complications over complications! A case of full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants: Learning the treatment planning of complicated issues through a step by step approach
Week 21: Learning a set of fixed protocols to apply in any dental implant case: Understanding Complexity in oral implantology to face complications.
Week 22:1 minute challenge: Observe the panoramic x-ray and share your treatment plan! How good are you on treatment planning in implant dentistry?
Week 23: Smooth surface vs. rough surface: Which one is your choice? Which is the best one? Who decides on the surface of the implant?
Week 24: Implant placement under the bone. What is the recommended size below bone?
What are the reasons for the failure of an implant in a smoker?
Week 25: Self-assessment protocols for implant cases coming back with some failure: How should be your approach? Step by Step guide…



What are the Course Fees?

Complete Course ( 52 Sessions )
 USD $ 160 /≈ ₹.12,200 + 18% GST

Now Only  ₹7198


Click here to : Pay & Register Now

The Course Fee for the complete Program (Including International Certification) is Rs.7198/- only











What do you get after the course?

All Participants will get a signed certificate from Dr Souheil Hussaini carrying 104 CPD Points awarded by the federal dental association from Germany. Participants will also get guidance on how to practice Implantology in Dubai, UAE.

If you wish to know more, or to book your FREE demo Lecture
Get in touch with:
Mr. Ruben Lobo
Program Co-ordinator  |  Dentist Channel Online
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Sample Certificate

Watch recorded insights of the complications in implant dentistry and solutions. For more case study and discussion please register for the module course.

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